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At a Glance


CLIP - Komfort Telefon

  • Calling line identification
  • Hands-free feature
  • Large, easily readable display
  • Calculator function


Digital system benefits (like with ISDN)

  • Call waiting
  • Brokering and query
  • 3-way conference call
  • Automatic call back if busy (CCBS)
  • Call redirect
  • Appointment call



CLIP Calling line identification

  • Calling line identification
    – Caller number
    – Recently called numbers
    – Missed calls
  • Adjustable number of repetitions call number message
  • Shows the caller's number
  • Caller list up to 99 entries
  • Display new calls
  • Date and time of calls (real time from telephone network)
  • Browsing in the caller list
  • Call back option from caller list
  • Transfer number from caller list to speed dial memory
  • Delete individual or all calls from the caller list



Saving/programming and backing up

  • 10 Speed dial memory slots (2 keys)
  • 2 Direct dial keys
  • Redial for last 10 numbers
  • 5 Alarm times with alarm-clock function


Displays and alerts

  • Large illuminated LCD display
    (16 digits + date/time + 16 symbols)
  • Adjustable LCD display contrast (16 stages)
  • Call duration display
  • 8 different ringer volumes
  • Night mode (ring off) with VIP connect through
  • Hands-free display
  • 3 Hold tunes
  • Display for call numbers received or dialed
  • LED for off hook and hands-free mode


Dialling/Other performance parameters


  • Dial with handset on hook/hands-free
  • Dialling preparation/block dial with editing function
  • Adjustable dialling pause
  • Auto redial button for last number dialed
  • R key for OES performance features or PBXs
  • PBX capable
  • Telephone and CLIP display work without external
    adapter (3 AA batteries for display included)
  • Power outage backup
  • Calculator functions
  • Wall installation
  • 3-stage locking option with key

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